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  • Add a title to your image

    Tell your brand's story through images

  • Add a title to your image

    Tell your brand's story through images

  • Add a title to your image

    Tell your brand's story through images




Size: 12  Height: 163cm

About: Zari began powerlifting in 2018 and has a passion for lifting heavy weights. Zari will be competing this year in a powerlifting meet. She is also studying to become an Osteopath


Age: 29 

Size:10 Height: 166cm

About: Sam has been competing as a sports and fitness model for the past five years. She is a current ICN Pro Fitness and Pro Sports Model who is training to compete again in 2020.


Age: 21

Size: 8 Height: 168cm

About: Fabienne has a background of National level swimming and is now pursuing a career in the fitness industry. She will also be competing as ICN fitness model in 2020.


Name: Linda

Age: 38

Size:16 Height: 173cm

 About: Linda is a busy mother of two girls 4 and 6 years old, her passion is horse riding and she enjoys weights training and boxing classes to keep fit.


Age : 20

Size:14 Height: 170cm

About: Katie has always been active with playing basketball and netball since she was young. Katie now goes to the gym with her mum, who is her biggest inspiration when it comes to fitness. They both strongly believe in self love and confidence in who you are.


Age: 31

Size: 8 Height: 175cm

About: Asher is passionate and driven when it comes to health and fitness. With a full time job as a Paramedic Asher knows the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body. Asher is a keen equestrian competitor in eventing has recently changed her focus from weights to Yoga and Pilates. Asher now focuses on self love and appreciation, with the aim of inspiring others to be happy within there own skin. 


Age: 50 

Size: 12 Height: 164cm

About: Tania grew up in rural Victoria; went to university in Melbourne and Edmonton, Canada; lived overseas, travelled extensively and trekked the Himalayas; married a Brit and had a son: survived breast cancer; eats a plant based diet; loves Pilates, cooking, gardening, reading and catching up with friends.

“ She believed she could , so she did ”⁣
Celebrate what makes you different and never forget its what makes you beautiful⁣⁣ πŸ’‹β£
Be you, Be Unique, Be Brave,⁣ 𝐁𝐞 π“π‡πˆπ‚π‚β£β£β£

THICC Models -π“π‡π€ππŠπ˜πŽπ”β£

THICC Creative Team - π“π‡π€ππŠπ˜πŽπ”β£
Makeup @makeupbybrittanys_
Hair @hairbylozzy
Photography @rsf_media

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